Thursday, February 17, 2005


OK, I admit it. I’m bacon-curious. I am a vegetarian who is having a love affair with bacon. I love bacon all ways—spaghetti carbonara, wilted spinach salad with a warm bacon vinaigrette, bacon sandwiches, and, well, just plain bacon. My vegetarian friend S insists that because of my bacon flirtation, I am in fact a carnivore. I resent this. I have been a devout vegetarian for nearly fifteen years (ever since an unfortunate incident with a chicken). I would argue that I am no more a carnivore than a straight woman who occasionally frolics with other women is a lesbian. Just as she would be called “bi-curious,” I am “bacon-curious.” Just as she lusts after her husband, I lust over a head of organic broccoli. Just as on occasion, she meets a particularly delicious woman, so, on occasion, I meet a particularly delicious plate of bacon.


Blogger Tommy Barrett said...

Damn, I wrote my first blog (ever!) only to lose when I had to register myself officially... I won't try to duplicate it because the moment has been lost... but I had to chime in on the bacon exception to vegetarianism... this is a hot topic (mainly to me) as just this weekend my friends, who were making turkey chili for themselves, made me a vegi version that included bacon... maybe the best chili I have ever had, and the bacon was largely responsible (though, the chocolate and wine ingredients should not be forgotten)... I don't know what it is about this beloved slice of pork.. the smell of it cooking in the morning while lying in bed, the way the fat fries up to a particularly crispy and flavorul nugget...clearly, describing it for me is like trying to catch butterflies with my bare hands...:)... however, the dilemma you allude to--- the vegi who loves bacon--- is not so much a dilemma for me as I reserve the right to hold contradictory opinions (consistency: so overrated).... and my vegi-ism is not based on any moral or philosophical reasons, but rather the visceral sensation I have of tearing flesh when I eat all other land animals.... and on that note, I am off....


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like eating bacon, that's absolutely fine, and I find your 'bacon-curious' clever and funny. However, I must agree with your friend that someone who eats meat is not, in fact, a vegetarian. It's not a moral judgement, it's just a matter of classification, really. I like your blog, by the way.

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