Monday, May 09, 2005

Sans Blog

On Wednesday morning a fire knocked out about 2,500 phone lines in the Market/Octavia area, and since then we have had no phone and no Internet access. Thus, although I have composed new blog entries, I have not been able to post them (I write now in a coffeehouse where I have to pay by the minute for Internet access). Being without home Internet access does not bother me as much as you would think. It means that I cannot fritter away my time researching frivolous topics such as who made the world's biggest rubber band ball. Since you ask, it was a Welshman, who was then paid by an American TV company to drop it from a plane flying over the Arizona desert to see if it would bounce. (It did not.)

Detached from the Internet, I have been extremely productive, and I've realized that ninety percent of the email I send is mere idle chatter. But being without my blog is painful indeed. I feel as if I hardly even exist. I am as forlorn as a Welshman without his rubber band ball, wondering what he will do now. Hopefully they will restore phone service on Wednesday as they have promised. Otherwise, I may fade away altogether.


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