Friday, July 01, 2005

Flattering Jotting

We should all do our part, however small, to make those around us a little happier, and often we can do this easily and without spending any money. One way to do this is to carry a small notebook, preferably leather-bound (which makes it look more important). I have several friends—artistic types—that carry these notebooks, and occasionally when I am out with them, something I have said inspires them to make a note. Then I feel very proud. Sometimes it is a word (once it was “dandle”). Other times it is the name of a book or movie (last night my friend Lev carefully wrote down The War of Art). Even if everything else in my day has gone wrong, even if I have lost the war of art that day, I feel that I am of value if I enriched someone else’s notebook.

Last night, as I dandled a cocktail on my knee, Lev recommended a book to me too, possibly called The Persistent Cockroach. Unfortunately, I did not have a notebook in which to record the title, but only a crumpled receipt, and so do not remember. From now on, I intend to carry around a small notebook, because whether or not I ever use any of the things I write down in it, I will certainly give my companion a small feeling of triumph. And if I particularly like them, I may get it out twice.