Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sex and San Francisco

I am about to start writing a column for San Francisco magazine that will follow the romantic lives of 10-12 characters on an ongoing basis, and I am looking for people to be in it. They will represent a sexual spectrum of San Francisco. They could be gay, straight, bi, polyamorous, or polymorphously perverse. They could be married, single, or living in a “quad” with another couple. They could be looking for love in the online personals or striving to perfect their orgasm in weekly sex cult meetings. They could be a long-established couple looking to spice up their sex life with a course in Tantra, or they could be a teenager who has signed up to True Love Waits. I think of the column as “Sex and the City” meets "The Canterbury Tales".

Will you tell me your secrets or do you know anyone who will? (Please note that it’s more important for you to like telling stories about your sex/love life than for you to have wild adventures.) If you are interested, please email me:
One last thing: it is completely anonymous (only I know your identity). You get the exhibitionistic thrill of baring all--but without having to move to another city.


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