Thursday, March 17, 2005

How to Be a Great Dancer

Many people are insecure about their dancing and will only do it when propelled by drugs or at least a few drinks. But the secret of dancing is simple. If you want to learn it, go to 111 Minna on Wednesday night where, gyrating in the center of the stage, you will see Hamid. A paunchy middle-aged Indian gentleman in shirt and slacks, who looks as if he has a day job at IBM, Hamid loves to boogie. He's there every Wednesday, dancing so hard that his shirt's soaked with sweat. He raises his arms over his head with the enthusiasm of a twenty-two-year old on his first hit of E and he twists his hands with the grace of a flamenco dancer. His signature move is the Playful Point, in which he points and wags his finger at a chosen member of the crowd. And somehow, he maintains a priestly dignity, so that no one wonders why he’s cavorting on stage and not at the office finishing a Powerpoint presentation. This unlikely avatar of Terpsichore shows us all that to be a great dancer you don’t need to have professional training, the perfect body, or even the perfect outfit—you just need to really, truly love it.


Anonymous never ba-curious said...

Yes! The one simple question that quickly banishes dance doubt: WWHD?

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Bodhi Cole said...

You can always pick out in a crowd the people who really love to bust a move and they always look awesome!

6:57 PM  

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